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Creating Your Own Comic Book HeroMaking your own comic book hero is not as easy as it sounds. Many things go into starting one. What are your hero’s names? What are his or hers powers? Who are the nemeses? Does it have the same science that is on earth, as we know it, or divergent one? What weapons are there? Is their planet in trouble? Other factors to consider are; will you do the writing, the artwork, a creative consultant or the idea person? All of the above? How technology advanced is your planet? Social issues? Physiological disorders of the villain or the heroes?A comic book heroes name should reflect the hero. Birdman should look like a bird. Many comic book heroes are based on mythological deities and have exotic powers. The name of your comic book heroes should be researched to make sure the name is not being used elsewhere.The powers that your comic book heroes will have will determine the villains. Who would want super powered beings that constantly chases after a minor criminals? It makes no sense to the balance of power. Conversely, if you have comic book superheroes that have no powers, or limited powers, then the villains can be considered right for your story. Then again, it would make interesting stories if the villains were super powered and the heroes were not. It would take the heroes brains and match it against either the villain’s intellect or his might. It could be a combination of both the attributes.The antagonists come large and small. Do the criminals in your comic books fight against each other or is there an affiliation that gives the heroes a headache? Do they have a base of operations in your comic books?Are their weapons a force to be reckoned with or is the technology still in its infancy stage? Do the heroes fly or is there spacecraft that enables them to leave their planet? The pollution option could be told and how they are dealing with it. The population is a concern, is it a concern in your world? Are there the rich and the poor who have continual conflict? Is your society a magical one or will the magic be only for the elite? Would they be impervious to everything? So many choices that can be entertaining and difficult to choose from.The government could be interesting in your comic books. Do the governments of the world approve of the superheroes or are they determined to outlaw them? Your comic books should resonate with richness and character appeal.The appeal can be shown in many diverse venues. Will the artists portray your conception of the heroes and the villains? Will you need special ink? How about the writers? Do you share a commonality with them? Who will manage the storyboard? How much influence would you allow before deciding that you can no longer recognize the people you created?The amount of time it takes to create your own comic book heroes and villains are dependant upon the time you have to work at it.I have touched the surface of creating you own comic book heroes and villains. There are many more details to consider. The average person has no inkling of how to go about making their own comic book heroes. The tips discussed here should help but as with any endeavor, you will need to see professional guidance.

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